The Coronavirus situation is constantly evolving with the University (and the Union) receiving the national announcements at the same time as the rest of the country.

The President of the Students' Union, Lizzie, is meeting regularly with the University including Lucy Evans, Chief Student Office, to discuss all issues raised by students.


A key issue is the Safety Net / No Detriment Policy and this is being discussed as a priority. It is clear that this cannot work the same way that it did last year as it was previously based on average marks for Semester 1 which we do not have this year therefore it would not be applicable to first years or masters students. We are looking at alternatives which would be appropriate as a matter of priority and all students will be updated as soon as there is some news. Please keep an eye on newsletters from the University and the Union for any updates.

In the meantime if you are struggling with your course then please speak to your tutor, Academic Hive or consider applying for Extenuating Circumstances. If you need assistance with an EC then please email us on and we can assist you.