The Students' Union has a contactless only donation/payment device which can be used by Clubs/Societies/RAG to collect payments for events eg bake sales.

The device only takes contactless payments at pre-set amounts. The minimum amount is currently £2 due to the costs of processing the payments. The maximum amount is £30.

The device can be booked by contacting the Finance Team and then collected from the Finance Office during working hours. You will need to specify the amounts you want to be preset on the device eg £2, £3 and £5. You can specify multiple amounts and the default amount. After each payment the device will revert to the default.

After the event when you return the device the amount will be credited to your own funds account or RAG if you are fundraising. Fundraising amounts must be credited to RAG before being donated to a charity.

In the event the device is lost or damaged you must notify us immediately and your club/society will be charged for a replacement device.