We're sorry to hear to hear that you've had an issue- don't fear because wristbands are usually available to buy until they go on general sale on the 16th of September. Your URN (University Registration Number) can be found on your University emails, it's 7 digits long and usually begins with a 6 (for example: 6123456).

If your URN isn't working on Tixtu, here's a few steps you need to check:

1) Have you completed your university registration (Surrey self-service)? It takes a few days for your details to go from the University to Tixtu, so please make sure you wait 3 working days.

2) If you've filled out your university registration, waited 24 hours from accepting your place and your URN still isn't working on Tixtu, can you please make sure:

- You've definitely filled out your university registration form and submitted it.

- You have filled out your date of birth correctly (DD/MM/YYYY), e.g 25/10/1998

- You are in your first year at the University of Surrey (if you become a masters student after already studying at the University of Surrey, this won't count).

- You MUST be over 18. If you're under 18, your URN will be added to the Tixtu database upon turning 18. 

3) If you have completed all the above, can you please reply with your full name and URN? Please note we can check your year of study.

4) After confirmation from us that we've checked your URN, please wait 3 working days and if your URN still isn't working on Tixtu please email back and we'll look into this further.