If you forgot to reclaim your item at the end of the night then you can come back to the Students' Union Reception during normal office hours (9-5 Monday to Friday) to reclaim your item. Please bring your ticket if you have it.

Items are kept for 4 term weeks before being disposed of. Therefore if you leave an item in the cloakroom before a vacation period, it will still be there when you return. The only exception to this is summer where items left during End of Year or Graduation Ball will be disposed of before the new term unless you contact us to hold onto your item.

If you believe the cloakroom has lost your item then please email ussu.complaints@surrey.ac.uk and it will be investigated, please include a photo of the ticket and any proof of value of the item. Note the maximum liability of any item is £50 - this is displayed on a notice by the cloakroom where you check your item in.

If you lost your ticket for the cloakroom it is policy to make you wait until the end to reclaim your item.