We do not have any current information regarding Freshers' Week 2019 yet, however tickets have not gone on sale yet and we have not released any information. Official Freshers' Week tickets will always only be sold on tixtu.

The current information regarding 2018 Freshers' Week is as follows:

  • Wristbands will be on sale next Friday 31st August to new students only at https://www.tixtu.com/t/event/ussu/freshers-week-wristband-2018
  • You can purchase two wristbands, but the second wristband must be for another freshers until the wristbands are on general release.
  • Individual tickets for freshers only will be on sale on Friday 14th September at 9am and everything left will go on sale to all students (wristbands and tickets) on Monday 17th September 9am.
  • If you are having issues joining the group on Tixtu this is a known problem and will be fixed before tickets go on sale on Friday 31st August.

All information and dates are subject to change, please check our facebook page for the latest information - https://www.facebook.com/officialsurreyfreshers/