There are a few things to consider when setting up a new sports club or society. Your VP Activity will be able to help you in the process – if you have any questions, please email  or (Societies) / (Sports).

New Club or Society Action Plan

How to set up a new sports club or society:

  1. Head to the bottom of this page to ensure your proposed sport or society is not listed as a dormant club. If it is, don't worry, email VP Activity.
  2. Find at least 20 other students interested in your proposed club or society. Again, email VP Activity if you need advice or support in finding interested students!
  3. Ask the 20 students to complete a form with their name, Surrey email, URN and signature. Bring this form into VP Activity.
  4. VP Activity will pass the form over to Societies Exec. Chair/Team Surrey Chair who will email you with a 'New Club/Society Action Plan & Guide' which will help you with the practicalities of running a new club or society (you will also need to think of three aims and objectives)
  5. Complete the form and send back to Soc Exec Chair/ Team Surrey Chair and VP Activity.
  6. You will then be invited to Sports or Society Standing to request ratification (approval)
  7. If ratified, you'll need to book an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to elect the club or society committee (President, Vice-President, Treasurer). All AGMs must be advertised for at least 2 weeks.
You are now officially a ratified Society/Sports Club. Congratulations!