This is likely to occur if you have tried to purchase tickets several times with incorrect fraud protection details, for example your CV2 number, your address or the 3D secure password, or if you used multiple windows and a transaction was cancelled. Your account will not be charged but it may appear to your bank that they have accepted several payments whilst none have actually been accepted. This payment shadow will disappear in about a week, we cannot speed this process up but if you are concerned you can contact your bank and they can see which payment was successful and which in a shadow.

To check how many tickets you have successfully purchased go to the ‘my history’ tab on your Tixtu account and all successful purchases will appear here. If multiple transactions are showing on your bank, please allow a few days for these to correct themselves, money will only be taken if the transaction was successful.

If you are still having issues, please let us know your student number and email address your account is registered to. If you have a query related to already purchased tickets, please send us the order number for the tickets in question.