If the tickets have sold out we will not put more on sale, unless previously advertised that staggered tickets will be used for that event. However customers have ten minutes to complete their transaction on Tixtu once they have selected tickets, so it is possible that after the ten minutes that those tickets will return online for general sale if they haven't been purchased. If tickets have sold out, there will be an icon to say ‘sold out’ next to the tickets in question, however if the icon says ‘not available’ this could mean that tickets are on hold as purchases are going through, therefore tickets may become available again if a student doesn’t complete their transaction in the 10 minute slot. In these circumstances we advise that you just keep trying. 

If you are still having issues, please contact ussu.boxoffice@surrey.ac.uk and let us know your student number and email address your account is registered to. If you have a query related to already purchased tickets, please send us the order number for the tickets in question.